Our Events

Post-Wedding Events

New beginnings are all about happy faces, new places, new people, new schedules, and routines. we make sure your new beginnings are as smooth as your loved ones want it to be for you, from reception parties to welcoming and room d...

Milestone Birthdays

Birthdays are way too special days of our lives bringing joy and happiness throughout the month but milestone birthdays often take the cake 18th or 21st, 50th or 75th Trupp and Fest is all set to make it special for you. The begin...

Virtual Theme Parties

Pandemic has done huge damage to our lives. Physically, mentally as well as emotionally, being away from our loved ones not being able to celebrate our special days with them, not being able to share the most important days of our...

Corporate Events

Work is much more fun when the team is strong, from webinars and seminars to conferences and general annual meetings to award ceremonies to Diwali parties, we believe in employee satisfaction. We bring you the best sessions yearly...



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