Theme parties or non-theme parties?

When you decide to throw a party for an upcoming special event or festival, the first thing to consider is whether it will be a theme party or not. Since these parties are in trend, this is more of a temptation than a decision for most of us!

Well, here are some of the things you need to consider while making this crucial decision

Make your parties stand out

When you have a theme for your party, it stands out, and if your party planner makes it a grand success, the guests are sure to remember it fondly for a long time to come. It might help you climb the social ladder too!

Excitement runs higher for theme parties

Announcing a theme for your upcoming event will have everyone excited about the party way ahead of it. This is because everyone wants to look their best and at the same time show off their creativity at your party. So, don’t be surprised if you are the reason for some impulsive shopping trips!

Showcase your creativity and personal style

It is through theme parties that your own creativity, style, and class can come through. Selecting a theme that is unique and functional at the same time can be quite a challenge. Once that is done, planning every single detail as per the theme becomes imperative. That’s where you can engage the services of an event management company like Trupp and Fest. No matter how creative your ideas are, you might need an event organizer to give direction to your thoughts and execute every detail as per the theme.

Themes can deter RSVPs

While this isn’t the case with every theme, if the theme you choose requires a certain dress code, enact a scenario, or carry certain props it may deter guests from wanting to attend. After all, having to dress in a specific color or in clothing from a specific time period can be a bit more difficult than throwing on something you already own.

Sticking to a theme can be a challenge

When you zero in on a theme, you really need to commit to it in order to do it properly. If you don’t use the proper decor, invitations, etc., the theme can feel lackluster and underdone. At the same time, planning every single detail as per the chosen theme may or may not be possible to execute. That’s where the services of a good event organizer will come into the picture. An event planner will find out innovative ways to execute the theme so that everything makes functional sense in addition to being aesthetically beautiful.


Theme parties need specific decor, food, activities, invitation cards, etc. and hence most of the things need to be customized which makes these parties more expensive than regular do’s.

However, the excitement, style, and fun factors associated with theme parties make it worth after all and a good event planning company can help you throw the most creative of parties which will be the talk of the town for months to come!