Step-by-Step Checklist for that Perfect Indian Wedding

Date and Guestlist

Fixing the date for the wedding would be the obvious first step in any kind of wedding planning. This would depend on several factors like career commitments, mahurat, season, availability of key guests, etc.

Drafting a guestlist will help you prioritize important people and cut out the ones you can in case you have to later due to budget concerns. You can categorize people into groups of family, close relatives, friends, colleagues, distant relatives, and neighbors. This guest list and the count on it will be the most important factor while negotiating with vendors.

Hire the services of a wedding planner

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. Don’t let the planning, chaos, and running around stress you out. If you want a perfect wedding, executed to the T, it’s best to hire the services of a wedding planner. It makes things a lot easier and you can relax and focus on shopping and self-care before your wedding.


Drafting a budget is of utmost importance while planning a big fat Indian wedding! This is because if you don’t have a figure in mind, things can go out of control pretty soon without even you realizing what’s happening! By creating a budget and trying to stick to it as much as possible, you will be able to allocate money wisely.

Location / Venue

Once you finalize your date, theme, and guest list, booking a venue at the earliest is of utmost importance as most popular wedding venues get booked almost a year in advance. The choice of the wedding venue depends on the date (season), the number of guests, facilities available at the site, the wedding theme, if any, and many other factors including location and ambiance.

Ensure that it can accommodate your guest list and is aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you have a very long guest list, you might have to select an outdoor venue. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, valet parking facilities provided by the venue authorities assume importance. Also, check the catering services as most wedding venues have an in-house caterer that you will be forced to opt for. So taste and sample the food too!

List of functions:

Make a list of the events that you want to celebrate like Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, etc, and separate guest list, budget, and food planning for all these. Certain event organizers specialize in certain events like Trupp and Fest specialize in Haldi functions. It has catered to over 100 clients and each function has been unique, memorable, and well-appreciated among the clients and their guests.

Pick a caterer

Good Food = happy guests. So, when it comes to picking a caterer, don’t shy out but pick the best option available. Besides keeping the budget in mind, ask questions like “are they credible?”; “do they provide trending and popular food choices?”; “do they follow hygienic cooking methods?” etc. Nowadays, eco-friendly catering services are the you want to follow this trend and do your two bits for the environment? All these questions will help you choose the best caterer so that your guests will remember the food at your wedding for a long time to come!


Book that mehndi wali now! Do not leave booking vendors like mehndi walis, make-up artists, and flower suppliers for the end moment. These people are in high demand during the wedding season and book them quickly to avoid disappointment later.

Lookout for Trends 

Wedding trends are rapidly evolving and every year there’s something new trend that’s sweeping up the market. Get browse happy and scan all social media platforms, google, and blog sites to get to know what’s trending. Better still, engage the services of a wedding planner like Trupp and Fest, who will execute your dream wedding, so that you remain absolutely stress-free on your D-Day.

Think if you want a destination wedding. Do you want a pre-wedding shoot? Do you want to make some noise about the wedding on social media platforms? How will your entry to the mandap be? What is the kind of decor you have in mind?


This might be the most important part of your wedding preparations. Decide on your bridal look right upto that bindi you will wear or won’t on the day of your mehndi! And then set out making a list and route chart of your shopping trips! At Trupp and Fest, these services are available and all you need to then do is give your input and come along! Planning, shop hunting, and making every item available is our headache.

In short, your wish is our command!


No matter how modern the outlook is for millennials, almost everyone wants an auspicious wedding – filled with traditions and rituals. Hence, you need to make a list of these rituals and their requirements in advance. Which rituals require pooja samagri, what items are needed, how is a particular ritual to be performed, and do you need to fast for it? is it done differently at your in-laws? Make sure your wedding planner is aware of these rituals and plans the details accordingly.

So, whether you want to go in for a big fat Indian wedding or a simple no-fuss one, our services will ensure that it turns out a memorable for you and your family.