5 wedding trends to look out for in 2023

  1. Eco-friendly weddings

Most couples these days are highly conscious about the effect of their big fat Indian wedding on the planet. Right from clothes that are eco-friendly, multipurpose, and make for a wiser investment, to e-invites, reusable cutlery, and plates – couples today are showing the way as far as celebrating consciously is concerned.

2. Digitally driven weddings

The pandemic has proved that almost everything can be done digitally. In fact, it can do much more than just include guests who cannot make it to the wedding. Everyone is excited to receive the wedding invite, but the excitement can fizzle out in a couple of days, only to surface much later, near the big day. But with tech, the momentum can be built and sustained long after the RSVPs come in.

Couples nowadays go in for a customized website for the wedding – they are becoming a place to visit more often before, during, and after the event. It can let guests into the couple’s story and interests. Sharing favorite places to visit (both for travel as well as in the city the event is being held), a highlight of the event’s menu, building a community with other guests through a messaging wall & get the details for any live streams.

The trends of digital invites and live-streaming wedding ceremonies are here to stay. This is a great option to include for those friends and family who are unable to attend for whatever reason but can still feel the joy and excitement of the wedding.

We at Trupp and Fest implement technology to enhance the client’s experience from the first inquiry to the big day itself.

3. Cloth and flower decor trends

In keeping with the sustainability aspect, decor trends are leaning towards fabric and natural flowers. Cut blooms are replaced by potted plants and non-biodegradable materials are swapped for fabric like lehariyas, tie-n-dye, bandhnis, and gotta patti work on cloth. Even while using flowers, local and seasonal flowers are preferred so as to reduce carbon footprints caused due to their transportation

4.Minimalistic weddings

The pandemic taught us that weddings aren’t all about pomp and show and social obligations anymore. They are a time to celebrate your love for each other along with those nearest and dearest to you. Hence, a lot of millennials are opting for minimalistic weddings – right from

investing carefully in clothes, decor, and fireworks to restrict the guestlist, couples today invest more into experiences (like family moons!) rather than things.

5. Indian from the heart, mind, and soul

This is a trend we hope is here to stay – it makes us so proud. With ever-increasing new-found love for our culture, heritage, and traditions, millennials today specifically want a very ‘Indian’ wedding! Each ritual must play out in its full glory, each tradition must be followed to the tee! Couples today may have the most modern outlooks, but when it comes to weddings, they want to go back to their roots.

When planning a wedding, it is important to keep an open mind and go for newer ideas suggested by your wedding planner. It may just set the trend for others to follow and your wedding may become a trendsetting one.