5 ways to make a milestone birthday special

All our birthdays, rather all our days should be celebrated. But a milestone birthday marks the beginning of a new phase of life and it’s time to look back with pride and look ahead with renewed joy and energy. This puts a significant responsibility on the party planner who is under extra pressure to make the big day extra special. But worry not! We have planned birthdays from 1-100 and we’ve got you covered.

Top tips for making a milestone birthday party special

Work with a professional event planner

A professional planner will help you set budgets (and stick to them!), select an appropriate and trending theme, make creative designs, and style the whole party as per the latest trends. All this while you sit back and relax and enjoy your event to the fullest.

A professional event planner has connections with the best and most economical vendors and ensures that your event runs smoothly.

Pick a theme

A theme binds the whole event together in one thread. It builds a narrative for the party. If it’s a 50th birthday – the theme could be around events and styles that were in the news then. You can even play around with the number. If it’s a 10th birthday, you can have a gaming theme e.g (Entering level 10). If it’s a milestone birthday for a child, look at the likes and preferences of the birthday boy/girl.

Make it personal

Personal touches are what will make your event stand out. What is the life story of the birthday boy/girl, what do they like? what is it they are passionate about? You can add a personal flavor to each decision – from the color of the decor to the presentation of the food. You can use pictures and videos to do this – you can even plan as lids show with videos/photos from their life

An event planner is the best person to do this for you – he/she will plan the event to reflect the personality of the birthday boy/girl and this is a sure-shot way to make him/her feel on top of the world.

Choose an appropriate location

Goes without saying, a comfortable, theme-specific venue makes all the difference. A pool party is great, but if there’s no place for kids to comfortably sit and eat good food post the swim, the particular theme may not be a great idea. A jungle theme party in a national park is an excellent idea if executed perfectly.

Focus on the cake

Pay attention to the food, its presentation, but most importantly the cake! The cake can reflect the theme of the birthday or the likes of the birthday boy/girl – no matter what else guests remember (or don’t!) they always remember the birthday cake. And it makes for a great Instagram photo op as well!

These 5 pointers are not exhaustive for celebrating a milestone birthday, but they give you an idea about the most important decisions you need to make. So, go ahead – turn your milestone birthday into a memorable one